Dominique studies fine arts at HfBK Dresden and is currently in her final year.

Her mediums are photography and drawing, often shown in an installative context. She also publishes printed matter and limited artist books, where sometimes both are combined.

Contact for Commisions / artistic collaborations:

" My practice consists of photography and drawing, often shown in installative context. One can find narrative moments within my pictures. However at the point at which language becomes inadequate, an exploration into the subconscious takes off. My work celebrates the contemplation of memory, of feeling, and of the recollection of the atmosphere of places. In this way, i want to raise something immediate and transient, into a more permanent state. "

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notes to self


PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Award. 03-04/2017, Festspielhaus Hellerau
Diplomausstellung. 07-09/2017, HfBK Dresden

Minigedichte, mit Arina Essipowitsch. 04/2016, Karambolage Dresden
I've seen a dying eye. 04/2016, Kunstquartier Bethanien (group)
Session. mit Arina Essipowitsch 05/2016, Spinnerei Leipzig/ a room that...
nähe und distanz. 9/2016, Младински Културен Центар (mkc.mkd), Skopje/Mazedonien
Causa Obscura. 10/2016, OLG Dresden, Ständehaus

delta, 12/2015, espacio gallery, London. (group)
das andere Auge, 10/2015-11/2015, Oktogon / HfBK Dresden
Heimat.Das Bild als Ort der Identität, 09/2015, geh8 Kunstraum Dresden (group)
dark lord & white rabbit, 05/2015-06/2015, Senatssaal / HfBK Dresden

Postcards from the east, London, A.P.T. Gallery (Gruppenausstellung)

Studioausstellung DreWAG (group)
Plural Projekt (group; with Nele Sandner)
Casually sad, Senatssaal HfBK Dresden (group)

2011,2012,2014, 2016
Jahresausstellung HfBK, Dresden (group)

Papergirl, Berlin (group)

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